McNally Robinson

Drop in to McNally’s on Eighth Street and check out the collected shortlisted and winning books in the recent Saskatchewan Book Awards. Gotta love those little stickers! Thanks McNally for your support of the Awards and local authors.


For the win

Still feels a bit surreal today, but there was much hooting and hollering in our house last night during the 28th annual Saskatchewan Book Awards. My debut novel, Small Reckonings, won the Saskatoon Book Award (sponsored by the City of Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Public Library). Mayor Charlie Clark announced the shortlisted authors in the category and then announced the winner – it took a good moment to realize that was my face and book cover up there. Hard to concentrate with my husband and son cheering! I want to thank the finalists in the category: Bill Waiser for In Search of Almighty Voice, Shannon McConnell for The Burden of Gravity (winner of the First Book Award!), Jenn Sharp and Richard Marjan for Flat Out Delicious Your Definitive Guide to Saskatchewan’s Food Artisans, and Leona Theis for If Sylvie Had Nine Lives (winner of the Fiction Award!) I am humbled to be in your presence and congratulations to all the other shortlisted authors and winners. I want to acknowledge my editor/publisher Byrna Barclay of Burton House Books, and my substantive editor Sandra Birdsell. And so many others too many to name. But a huge thank you–in public–to my best editor and best husband Rick for always believing this novel was something to be proud of, even during those times I thought I’d never do it. And to remind any readers out there interested in the book, it is now out in a revised edition. New cover, same story and it’s available directly from me. If you missed the awards show last night, you can see it here. Thank you, Saskatchewan Book Awards and thank you to the judges in the Saskatoon Book Award category; that must have been a tough decision. I’m still thinking Mayor Clark just might have read out the wrong one. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

Happy Dad Day

For my 93-year-old Dad, a country drive–for someone who grew up in and climbed the mountains on the Washington west coast–a day with wide open Saskatchewan living skies with no mountains to block the view. A Clarkboro ferry ride, maybe not as grand as the ferries on Puget Sound, but still functional! A visit to Aberdeen, founded by kindred Scots no doubt. Then a Dairy Queen respite on the back deck. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Sask Book Awards in four days

I have been having many thoughts about snowballs and hell recently. On June 24th at 7 pm, the Saskatchewan Book Awards will be live. Best of luck to all the finalists, and ‘break a leg’ to my fellow short-listed authors–Shannon, Leona, Bill and Jenn–in the City of Saskatoon/Saskatoon Library Award. It was a thrill (don’t go by Ed’s expression) to be nominated in this category with you. Bonne chance!

That’s a wrap

As of yesterday, everyone in our family bubble has received their second shot. Yay! Mom, who just turned 90, and Dad, 93, and Jim, 47, all got their jab at our favourite friendly neighbourhood family pharmacy, Walker’s, on Clarence. Thanks to Darren and the nice woman, Samantha, who got Jim in when there was a cancellation. Stick that, COVID.


My friend Darlene, who is an instructional designer, has been working with an interior decorating consultant to produce guided journals and courses you might find useful if you feel a need to organize and declutter. A Box a Day: A 30-Day Journal to Triumph Over Clutter has been launched. Have a look here. And here. If you’re feeling a bit out of control in what should be your home sanctuary, this might be just what you need.

Another step closer to grandkids

Thanks to all at the Prairieland vaccination drive-through yesterday. Funny how this drive is starting to feel like a holiday road trip! Had we gone after lunch, the wait would have only been 15 minutes. Thank you to Rita for the jab and the clear information. We even saw Batman administering shots. My parents are going later this week, and then we just have Jim to round out the pack for second doses. If we can get the border safely opened, look out grandchildren!

Out clubbing

Thank you so much to this Victoria, B.C. book club for inviting me in to talk about my novel Small Reckonings. We had a rousing Zoom meeting the other night and each member offered their impressions. It’s fascinating to hear other people describe the characters and their motivations. Some great head-scratcher questions and some very welcome encouragement to get on with the sequel! Thank you, Patti Marken, for arranging this and thanks for the book orders that came out of it, too!