Equal ink

Someone posted this on REDDIT: “Every Friday this lady comes in with stick on tattoos to see her tattooist. She says he makes her feel “equal” when he puts them on – gloves, spray and all.” submitted 13 hours ago by pixeldustnz

I like both of these people!



Gee, butt it’s good to be home!

Back home again in time to enjoy -20 and up to 25 cms of snow! But we’re a hardy bunch here, so when the wind died down a little yesterday, Jim and I bundled up and had a warm if not awkward walk down to Broadway. After a little shopping – tricky to do when you’re Michelin men – we stopped into Starbucks for a peppermint mocha Christmas coffee (purely for medicinal reasons). Jim was fascinated by his: how do they get a bare butt to appear in the foam on top? Came home to find Rick playing with his snowblower. Ahhh. Winter has begun.


A beautiful place of learning

Is Indiana University one of the most beautiful university campuses anywhere? I remember walking down to Sample Gates to catch the bus a few years ago when we were here on sabbatical. It was after a writing class, the bell tower was tolling, and I felt such a profound sense of how smart I could be if I really tried! Look at these pictures and see if you don’t think deep thoughts. That’s Jim today having a visit with Great Grampa (his portrait) in the Indiana Memorial Union. Every time we’re here, we go visit Grampa (once on the IU Board of Governors in the Kinsey era). The room’s been locked so we’ve yet to visit Maddy, his grandmother, whose portrait graces the wall in the Distinguished Alumni room.

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