1949 revisited

This summer, we managed to snag four beautiful solid fir doors with original hardware from our neighbours who did a reno on their 1920s home. Interior doors, two must have been closet doors since they had heavy bevelled glass panes. Sadly, one broke but behind it we discovered a fascinating surprise. May 17 and 18, 1949 editions of the Star Phoenix were used for padding behind the glass. I was able to extract the paper mostly intact after donning goggles and taking a hammer to the last of the glass. The ads are quaint, and news items are often blunt, and housewives sure had plenty of ads presented to them with ideas for pleasing their husbands. I love finding this sort of stuff! In the Fall 2017 issue of Saskatoon HOME magazine, we featured a story about other interesting artifacts people discover hidden in their homes. The doors have gone off to a friend’s son in Alberta, a woodworker, who plans to restore them to their former glory. If anyone has a suggestion about where to donate the newspapers, let me know. The City Archives has everything on microfiche, but maybe there’s a Star Phoenix collector out there?



HOME Frontlines

HOME TEAMOwners/publishers of Saskatoon HOME magazine, Amanda and Rob Soulodre, hosted the gang of us who create each issue of HOME to a Christmas lunch at their new office at Wall Street Common. We evidently go for an average height quota at this publication. Missed our foodie Craig Silliphant on this occasion, but he would have been right in line. We’re at work on the spring issue; grab your winter copy in the meantime at one of the many racks available around town (I always get an extra copy at Sobey’s). We’ll see you in early March with the 10th anniversary issue! From left, that’s Amy, Julie, Cheryl, Ashleigh, Jeff, me, Amanda and, towering overhead, Rob.




Smoke on the water

We crossed over on the ferry from Dana Point to Catalina Island on Monday, and got a good view–if you can call it good–of the evidence of fires still burning north of Los Angeles. An odd juxtaposition of people enjoying a morning sail and some hang-gliding with the smoke as backdrop. An evening stroll around Avalon shows the distant smoke distorting the horizon.


At 15, Rocky shakes a little but enjoys the heck out of a cuddle. His good humour and longevity is directly traced to his human family: Heather and Rob Fritz, Grayson and Sam, who absolutely adore the presence of a little furry being. Georgette, not pictured, equally as much. And about that tacky Christmas sweater he’s wearing? Don’t tell him. He thinks he looks cool.


Holiday spirit begins

What a glorious sparkly way to get into the holiday spirit. Tony Bidulka is one dude who knows how to decorate a Christmas tree. So pleased to attend, with Saskatoon HOME publisher Amanda Soulodre. Tony and Herb McFaull throw probably the most anticipated and talked-about holiday party of the season. In short, it was FUN! All that and you get a great country drive and possibly a better pair of shoes than you came with. Thanks, Tony and Herb. Your shrimp is still the best.

Jim’s Big Night Out

Jim has spent nearly half his life as a volunteer with the Saskatoon YMCA. They notice not only the longevity of his contribution, but that he is dug in as a member of the Y family. They recognize that every day, but they made it really official on Wednesday night. Jim was selected as the 2017 YMCA Volunteer of the Year and honoured at the annual general meeting. I brought kleenex; Jim gave a short speech to follow Rick’s. Jim’s pals Jay and Cadence were there, and so many Y staff and volunteers congratulated Jim; he was a pretty happy guy. It was a wonderful evening and he’s still over the moon. The YMCA is one of those remarkable places where people are valued for their contribution and presence, and we are proud to be part of the family. Congratulations to fitness instructor Peggy Anderson, the co-recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award. Rick did up a video for family and friends. Have a look.