Quadruple congratulations

At the recent 26th Annual Bridges Awards, sponsored by the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association, Decora Homes of Saskatoon swept four categories, and took trophies for Best Landscape, Best Custom Home (over 2200 sq. ft.), Customer Choice (small volume builder), and Best Interior Decorating. I’m proud to have had a small hand in this, writing the award nominations for them a few months ago. I’m very happy to see the multiple wins! Congratulations, Decora! (Photos by Heather Fritz)

Ed’s in trouble

Gracie looks innocent but she’s actually ratting out Ed, who peed on our nice wool area rug. Ed went into hiding (not very convincingly) with his Beanie Baby Kitty, but Gracie hunted him down. Anyone know a good place to have a rug cut and rebound? He thoughtfully peed in the very centre, leaving 3.5 feet of good sculpted carpet on either side.


A novel idea

Since I began working on a novel several (okay, many) years ago, I have learned one thing about a work of fiction. It’s not the story ideas that are hard to come up with, it’s putting the 329 pages, 2080 paragraphs and 106, 313 words all in the right order that’s the tricky bit. Manuscript off to my editor yesterday, blessed for good luck by Gracie the cat, and also by my pals at the post office, including a random guy who was in mailing a letter. With good vibes like that, I’m feeling confident. But digits crossed anyway; couldn’t hurt.

HOME is 10

And here it is, our 40th issue. The spring issue of Saskatoon HOME magazine celebrates our first decade. I’m happy to have been part of this magazine as a writer since 2008, and editor/writer since 2013. The issue is on the racks now, so pick up a copy and let us know what you like. We’re featuring some of our favourite and most popular stories since we began. If you have ideas for interesting stories about Saskatoon people, building, renovations, decor, food, history, and other fun stuff, let me know. We’re always looking for good conent.


Progress on the writing project

A writing retreat in Indio, California looks a little like this. For those who have been asking, the project is getting closer to completion. And that means it will be ready for the next stage. I am blessed to have my Svenska fairy godmother Byrna Barclay steering the ship at this point in the process. Rick and Jim gave me wonderful blocks of time to work, and Byrna and I spent time together in Palm Desert. She has been a miracle; tough, blunt, funny, encouraging. Just what I needed. My favourite quote of hers so far as she edits my work: “What in the dingdong is this character doing in this scene??” When it’s all done, I hope she’ll be proud.