Meanwhile on Broadway

Just a little reminder that we’re Canadian. A few snowflakes on Sunday morning, then this just down on Broadway Avenue a few blocks from home.

Here’s the story from Mike McGuire, who was on his way to work. CTV News story by Chad Leroux, photo by Roxanna Kaminski:

“The most interesting thing that was happening before then was a few snowflakes, I was like ‘ok well if its going to snow that’s the thing I’m going to think about today’… then a moose runs by.“

McGuire said he grew up in an area where there were lots of moose, so this wasn’t his first in-person sighting.

He said compared to all of the other moose he’s seen, this one was a slightly bigger than average, and he suspects it is still fairly young.

Despite how unusual it is to see a moose in the city, McGuire said he isn’t surprised it happened this year of all years. 

“It’s 2020, a moose in the middle of Saskatoon is one of the least weird things you’re going to see,“ McGuire said.

The moose hoofed it around the city for a while until it was darted by conservation officers, hauled out of the city and then released when it was alert enough to continue its jog.