Michael Smith, great chef, nice guy

Another wonderful installment of Word on the Street in Saskatoon today. Rick, Jim and I listened to a great, down-to-earth chat today with Chef Michael Smith of Foodnetwork fame. The makers of Coke and Kraft Dinner had to have ears bursting into flame at about 1:30 p.m. Michael had done a foreword in the book my daughter Erin and I did, Breaking Bread, Nourishing Connections: People with and without Disabilities Together at Mealtime (Brookes, 2005). So it was pretty fun–despite standing in a long winding lineup–to finally meet Michael in person. Jim and I met him. Michael said nice things about my book (that’s him doing so in the second photo); I said nice things about his, and Rick took pictures. Michael’s newest is Back to Basics, and looks full of good things to try. Breaking Bread is still available through Brookes!



Beach wedding

One of the best weddings ever! Youngest son Ben and our shiney new daughter-in-law Julia gathered about 60 of their friends and family for a wonderful occasion on the beach at La Zebra near Tulum, Mexico. Oldest brother Jim was the best man, daughter Erin was a ‘groomsperson’ and grandson Alexander was the ring bearer. Weather was perfect, and our thoughts are with all the warm and friendly local people who are now bracing for hurricanes.



The Schwier family with Tony, Ben’s lifelong best friend. Below is Julia and her sister Chandra. Finally, the bridal party on the beach before the party begins.