Winter HOME

Take one look at Maureen Haddock’s smiling face if you’re feeling a bit blue about the state of the world. If she can’t give your heart a little life, what can? The winter issue of HOME is out for subscribers and in pickup racks around the city. If you’d like to read it online, go here. Lots of fun in this issue aside from Maureen’s cheerful gourmet giftgiving ideas. City historian Jeff O’Brien gives you a timely winter-themed look at hockey rinks, and if you’re feeling like a DIY project, learn all about building your own backsplashes. As we enter the holiday hosting season, give some (okay, a lot) of thought to how you can enjoy time with friends and family without endangering anyone’s health. And share in the beautiful results a couple now enjoys after living through the heartache of a planned renovation turned into an unanticipated tear-down. As always, if you have ideas for what might appear in future issues of HOME, get in touch! In the meantime, stay safe and well.