Real life inspiration

I’m pleased to have worked with Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild publications editor Shirley Fehr on a piece for the summer issue of Freelance magazine. Here’s what Shirley says about what you can find in this issue: “…You’ll read how award-winning writer Karin Melberg Schwier drew inspiration from real life to write Small Reckonings; how four writers in Southwest Saskatchewan came together during a pandemic to share, read and celebrate their love of writing – written by Caitlin McCullam-Arnal; and helpful tips on navigating the world of submitting your short fiction by Helen Power. And, if you’re wondering where all the book reviews have gone, check out the piece by William Robertson. Whether you’re reading Freelance from your deck in the city, your cottage at the lake, or your desk during your lunch break at work, I hope you enjoy the articles and find your own inspiration to share your love of writing.”

There she goes again

Once again, my friend Jessica makes headlines. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity happened in Cannes, France in late June. Jessica says:

“I am so excited to tell you that the campaign I was part of called Mindsets won a Bronze Lion Award in this year’s Cannes Health & Wellness category. It recognizes work that drove awareness, raised funds, and advanced research for important causes and subjects.”

The campaign was created by the advertising agency FCB Canada, The Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Angila Ruskin University (England) and brainHQ.

O Canada

Well, that seemed oddly normal! Canada Day in Saskatoon called for wearing red and white, making a batch of Saskatoon berry tarts, then braving the crowded Traffic Bridge to see the festivities at River Landing. The first big hoopla since 2019. A walk along the trail in Gabriel Dumont Park just off Saskatchewan Crescent West, one of Saskatoon’s best kept secrets. Home again for Rick’s famous ribs on the barbeque followed by viewing the fireworks from our upper deck (we can see the high ones), and then settling in for half an hour to watch everyone going by our house trying to get home. Ed even had a nice time.

Back in the saddle

My 113th blood donation after a little hiatus during the pandemic. Here’s what Mayor Charlie says in his blog. “Let’s beat the Queen City: During the month of June, Saskatoon and Regina will be in another challenge against each other. This time, we’re out for blood. There are roughly 2400 open appointments in Saskatoon available to make a donation of blood. 1 in 2 people are eligible to donate, yet only 1 in 81 actually do. Help save lives and consider booking an appointment in June.”

Our family has another reason to take a pause and donate blood right now. My brother-in-law Jim is in hospital in Indiana after an accident last week. This one is dedicated to him, and all those who are in need of lifesaving blood. It’s literally – I mean literally – life saving. It’s a simple simple act that can make such a big life changing difference for someone in need. Like my big brother-in-law Jim.

Good humans

This is timely given it’s Pride Week. I have so much respect for this batch of friends in Toronto. My pal Jessica met Matt at a time in his life when he needed some serious friendship, and their story shows what a life-changer a little concern, connection and compassion can be. Check out their story here. Below, a couple of photos of these forever friends. The nice twist to this story is that someone with an intellectual disability can be the driver for positive in someone else’s life, not the stereotypical always recipient of help and good deeds. Everyone needs to be the reason behind affirming things in someone else’s life now and then. Good people all around.

Summer is here!

And we were just getting used to spring. The Summer issue of Saskatoon HOME is out with a little bit of everything for readers. Model trains, a backyard oasis, an extraordinary pool, tips on turning your gardens into a pollinator paradise, tricks on using a fantastic new invention – the air fryer – and a little botulism thrown in for good measure. Pick up your copy at any one of several racks in the city or, better yet, get a subscription so HOME gets to your home four times a year without fail.