Best Halloween display. Ever.


Long clap to our next-door neighbours. Brilliant.



I love this guy. Jim doesn’t so much. Ever try to take a selfie with a pig who knows good and well there are still more Timbits in the box?

One of my characters came for coffee


This sweet man walked into my office at the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (now Inclusion Saskatchewan) in 1999 to make a donation in memory of his late friend Billy whose daughter Violet just passed away. This is Henry ‘Hank’ Buck, who sat down and told me the true story of Violet, who had an intellectual disability and her farmer father. I remember sitting there thinking, “That’s it. Now I have to write a novel.” Hank gave me his blessing to take the true story and fictionalize my own. I worked on it off and on for several years, set it aside, sent it off to publishers way before it was ready. Two years ago, the big push began and now this story will be my first novel, published by Burton House Books in Regina. Hank is immortalized in this story, so it’s very surreal to have one of my characters come to my house for coffee. Thanks, Hank. The wouldn’t have happened without you.

Back in the saddle

My husband Richard, a professor emeritus at the University of Saskatchewan, has been retired for five years. He was getting ‘itchy,’ and then this came along. He’s been tapped to be the Associate Dean, College of Education, tasked with starting a new school. Thanks to a generous donation by Jane and Ron Graham, Rick will be at work for the next several months to make this happen. Pretty proud of him!


College of Education Dean Michelle Prytula, Dr. Richard Schwier, Associate Dean, School of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Jane and Ron Graham at the announcement last week.