All fancied up

The University of Saskatchewan’s retirement banquet was on the other night. A great evening. Here we are with the Acting President Dr. Gordon Barnhart (next to Jim) and our neighbour, Dr. Peter Stoicheff, Dean of Arts and Science.


A nice turn out; all retirees were given what we initially thought might be fruitcakes, but thankfully turned out to be engraved desk clocks.


Rick and Dr. Vipen Sawhney (don’t know if they intended to seat the Master Teachers together) had Grandpa Wars, duelling with iphones to find out who has the cutest grandchild. I think they called it a draw.

Summer Saskatoon HOME out now

Another issue of the fabulous Saskatoon HOME magazine is out. My fabulous photographer friend Heather Fritz and I teamed up again on yet another cover story! Why do I write the word ‘fabulous’ but rarely say it out loud? hmmm. Pick up your issue or browse on line. I always get my copy at Sobey’s. This cover article features the dynamic duo of Dave Viminitz and Katie Penn and showcases their wonderful City Park home. I love writing for this magazine! And I’m happy to say Saskatoon’s ‘small town feel’ is alive and well. Turns out Dave taught at SIAST with Ann, an old friend of mine (‘old’ as in we met working on farms in New Zealand in 1979!) and Katie knows another “old” friend, Jane, with whom I worked at the Commentator newspaper here in the early 80s. You never know what or who you’ll discover in each issue.


Hey, remember the 70s?

Look who I hung out with today? Well, okay, that’s stretching it but still fun! Candace Savage (left) and I did a spot on CTV’s Noon Show about the NatureCity Festival and while we were waiting to go in to the studio, we chatted with these guys who were also waiting for their turn with Jeff Rogstad. We figured if the one guy was wearing sunglasses inside they’re either mafia or musicians. Turns out it was Ralph Cole, Paul Hoffert and Dan Clancy of Lighthouse, remember that band from the 70s? Good songs! Of course, I was a mere child in junior high then…


Go wild in Saskatoon

The NatureCity Festival (click on the calendar!) begins on Saturday with a warm up at the Farmers’ Market, then a full week of activities, wildlife exhibits, info booths, keynote speakers, musicians, face-painting, animal, bird and butterfly walks, tours of the northeast swale, art exhibitions, agricultural tours, beekeeping sessions, river paddles, owl close encounters, stargazing at the observatory, and heaps more. All organized for the second year  by Wild About Saskatoon. Come on out and celebrate nature in the city.


Wild About Saskatoon’s NatureCity Festival coming up!

I’m proud to be volunteering with this group for the Second Annual NatureCity Festival. Heaps to enjoy, learn and experience May 25-31. Great opportunities to learn more about the wild, natural places in and around the city. Below you’ll see the what keynotes we have in store, but there are tons of nature walks, animal encounters, educational sessions, musical events, nature photography sessions, outdoor shows, river cleanups, you name it. Have a look here and plan to take in a few of the events!