Here’s hoping

Well, it worked the last time so here we go again. My good luck charms at the downtown Canada Post outlet worked their mojo as I sent off the query and sample pages of my just-completed sequel to a new publisher. They crossed fingers over the first novel and that did the trick; the publisher accepted the manuscript. So here’s hoping the second time around has a similar outcome. Thanks, Canada Posties!


Four’s a charm

I was happy to get my second Pfizer – my fourth covid vaccination since the first two were AstraZeneca and might not be recognized if we do finally get to travel. I got it this week right along with my flu shot. One for each arm. Rick and Jim got their flu shots the day before, and the day after, I took my parents (Mom is 90, Dad is nearly 94) in to our favourite local drugstore to get their flu shots. Still, masks and distancing is the way to go. Thanks to Walker’s Drug Store, always so friendly and accommodating!