Saskatoon Home is out!

Have a look at the Winter 2013 issue. You can even have a peek at some of the people who make this great magazine happen like the publishers and a few of us writers! There are online extras, too, like more views from inside the President’s Residence on the University of Saskatchewan campus. There’s me, interviewing the President!


Look up. See who and what’s around you.

I get sucked in by email and the Internet. I don’t have a cell phone, I’m not on Facebook. But I have braked for a woman texting on her phone…while riding a bike…without looking up…as she went through an intersection.

Be present.



At home with the president

In the upcoming issue of Saskatoon Home magazine, go with me inside the historic President’s Residence on the University of Saskatchewan campus.


President and Vice-chancellor Ilene Busch-Vishniac and her husband, Dr. Ethan Vishniac, welcomed my pal photographer Heather Fritz and me inside for a full tour and a visit. Not many people who aren’t associated with the University get to see inside this iconic 1913 building, so now’s your chance to have a peek around. Watch for the Winter issue coming out in early December. Thank you very much to Dr. Busch-Vishniac and Dr. Vischniac for such an intimate look at their home.