Same story, new look

On its way to the printer! The revised edition of my debut novel, Small Reckonings, will be printed soon and ready for new readers. It’s the same story but with a new cover, designed with a photo I took years ago at the Western Development Museum’s ‘Winning the Prairie Gamble’ exhibit. Thanks, WDM, for permission to use this image. This image has always been in my mind as the Burke farmhouse Depression-era kitchen. The book will be ready soon for direct order from me, and available from McNally Robinson and Turning the Tide bookstore among other bookstores. And as this revised edition gets out to more readers, I’m at work on the sequel.


Night lights

A great trip at twlight is the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan series of light displays: The Winter City Snow Glow, a winter wonderland of lighting designs to help brighten your winter during our darkest months, says SOTS.  “J.J. Neufled has created a plethora of engaging designs to delight Saskatonians as they pass through our site on the Meewasin Valley Trail from until March 31, 2021.  For most of the winter each lighting show (with only a couple exceptions) will run Tuesday to Sunday from 6:00AM until sunrise and then from sunset to 11:00PM.” The bonus light shows include the Prairie Lily, twinkling on the dock, and the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital aglow across the river.

So proud…if we can stay awake that long

Our youngest son Benjamin has been making music with Rhye for a long time now. The band just released a new album and tonight they’re the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We plan to …try to… stay up to watch the Canadians. Ben’s on keyboard and is usually positioned at the back, so we are hoping for a good view of the boy! It’ll be on Kimmel’s YouTube channel later (thank you, YouTube 🙂

Break a leg, Ben.