Smoke on the water

We crossed over on the ferry from Dana Point to Catalina Island on Monday, and got a good view–if you can call it good–of the evidence of fires still burning north of Los Angeles. An odd juxtaposition of people enjoying a morning sail and some hang-gliding with the smoke as backdrop. An evening stroll around Avalon shows the distant smoke distorting the horizon.



At 15, Rocky shakes a little but enjoys the heck out of a cuddle. His good humour and longevity is directly traced to his human family: Heather and Rob Fritz, Grayson and Sam, who absolutely adore the presence of a little furry being. Georgette, not pictured, equally as much. And about that tacky Christmas sweater he’s wearing? Don’t tell him. He thinks he looks cool.


Holiday spirit begins

What a glorious sparkly way to get into the holiday spirit. Tony Bidulka is one dude who knows how to decorate a Christmas tree. So pleased to attend, with Saskatoon HOME publisher Amanda Soulodre. Tony and Herb McFaull throw probably the most anticipated and talked-about holiday party of the season. In short, it was FUN! All that and you get a great country drive and possibly a better pair of shoes than you came with. Thanks, Tony and Herb. Your shrimp is still the best.

Jim’s Big Night Out

Jim has spent nearly half his life as a volunteer with the Saskatoon YMCA. They notice not only the longevity of his contribution, but that he is dug in as a member of the Y family. They recognize that every day, but they made it really official on Wednesday night. Jim was selected as the 2017 YMCA Volunteer of the Year and honoured at the annual general meeting. I brought kleenex; Jim gave a short speech to follow Rick’s. Jim’s pals Jay and Cadence were there, and so many Y staff and volunteers congratulated Jim; he was a pretty happy guy. It was a wonderful evening and he’s still over the moon. The YMCA is one of those remarkable places where people are valued for their contribution and presence, and we are proud to be part of the family. Congratulations to fitness instructor Peggy Anderson, the co-recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award. Rick did up a video for family and friends. Have a look.


HOME soon!

As editor of Saskatoon HOME magazine, I get to do some pretty interesting stuff. And every now and then, I get to wear a fetching pink hardhat while I’m doing it. Watch for the Winter issue of HOME, just about ready to hit the streets. Go with us inside what might be the most talked about house ever, under construction now in Greenbryre Estates by Decora Homes.  Interior design consultant Whitney Romero gave HOME publisher Amanda and me a tour several weeks ago, and the feature will let you in on what all the buzz has been about. That, and plenty of other great stories and photos about Saskatoon life, homes, decor, renovations, and more will be available soon. Check the website for your copy and info on all the ways you can get it.