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The Winter issue of Saskatoon HOME is out! Get yours. Safeway and Sobey’s are convenient pick up spots; look for the rack by the door. Lots of other ways to get the magazine, so just check the website for details. Another issue of an eclectic, local, informative magazine that gives you real content (not advertorials) about real people right here in the home we love: Saskatoon!12313809_10152817308477824_5630402834948768591_n


Kindness is as kindness does

I had been at the hospital visiting a sick friend and was halfway home before I noticed the telltale yellow envelope under my windshield wiper. Dang! I hadn’t parked the car more than two hours, had I? Grumbling about a ticket all the way home, I snatched it out from under the blade in the garage. This was yesterday; not even Random Acts of Kindness Day yet (that’s today!) This is what I found:


Way better than a parking ticket! Now I just need to leave it on someone else’s windshield…


Our High Holy night was wonderful. Lost count after about 320 kids! We’ve scaled back on our scary extravaganza, so now it takes only a short while to pack up and shut down. Thanks to everyone who came by and said how much they enjoy the show! Come again next year! Only two kids cried, down from previous years, but we’ll try harder.

IMG_2381 IMG_2431 IMG_2404 IMG_2448