HOME again, wintertime!

Pick up your copy of Saskatoon HOME, the 2018 winter issue. Proud to be part of this magazine for 10 years now. Find your copy at racks located around the city (I always grab one at Sobey’s), or go online here. If you’ve always thought of trying your hand at a Christmas gingerbread house, do it this year. Meet your gingerbread mentor and my friend Marion Murawsky. She’s wonderful and talented, and you should see her antique store The Indefinite Article (that was another story)! Lots of fun stuff in this issue and let me know if you have a great story idea. We already have some great ones lined up for 2019, but so many stories to tell in our great city; we just have to go get them!



Putting the mauve in Movember

Our pal Jay has gone above and beyond to raise money in his Movember campaign, and with just a couple of days to go, please consider helping him edge up even more over his goal. When he hit the $3000 mark, he came through on his promise to make purple rain on his campaign in support of prostate cancer research. He dropped by last night to show off the mauve mo’. With friends like these….we can do a lot to keep men from dying way too young. You can still get in on it!

The Movember Men

Our best buddy Jay Wilson stopped in to show off the progress on his Movember moustache. Jay lept into the fray to raise money for research and treatment of prostate cancer, something that got really personal really fast for our family recently.     Check out Jay’s fundraising page here and consider supporting this important research. And get tested! All you men out there over 50, and all the women who care about those 50+ men out there: tell them you want them to do it. Checking your PSA is simple, fast, easy. A little probe, well, wah, do it! Really, it’s important. The sooner the better. Early detection and treatment can literally be the difference between life and death. Your family will thank you. Feeling pretty grateful in this house for all the brilliant people at St. Paul’s, Dr. V. Bathini, Nurse Navigators Karen and Nicole, and for all the family and friends who have been so encouraging. And to Jay for all that extra hair he’s willing to carry around for the month. He needs help!

Movember, it’s real

Our BFF Jay Wilson has launched a Movember fundraising campaign to support prostate cancer research. That’s a topic that’s become very real, very fast in our household, so if you know a guy – or are one – get checked! Early detection and well informed treatment choice, that’s the way to go. Jay is raising much-needed funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Men die on average 6 years earlier than women. But together we can change that. If you want to support Jay’s quest for a bigger better Santa beard by the end of the month, here’s how. Donate via his Mo Space for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in your life.

Separated at birth: our pal Jay, right, and my Rick, left. Not sure who those guys are bringing up the rear.