Progress on the writing project

A writing retreat in Indio, California looks a little like this. For those who have been asking, the project is getting closer to completion. And that means it will be ready for the next stage. I am blessed to have my Svenska fairy godmother Byrna Barclay steering the ship at this point in the process. Rick and Jim gave me wonderful blocks of time to work, and Byrna and I spent time together in Palm Desert. She has been a miracle; tough, blunt, funny, encouraging. Just what I needed. My favourite quote of hers so far as she edits my work: “What in the dingdong is this character doing in this scene??” When it’s all done, I hope she’ll be proud.


A little illustrating project

Since I’ve been immersed in an all-consuming writing project lately, along with HOME magazine demands, I haven’t been doing much drawing. That suddenly changed over the last couple of days. I was asked to do some work for a friend in Alberta who needed illustrations for a marketing presentation. Another friend in Lumsden asked for a memorial portrait of their faithful dog Pal to cheer up the granddaughters. And this biggie, illustrations to accompany a little project our grandson Alexander and I have been working on. Shh, it’s a secret!

It felt good to get the old dusty pencil crayons out again and limber up the old drawing muscles.

Nice, ice, Canada

Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are now the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history. I dare you to watch them without tears in your eyes.


Oh. And we’re pretty good on snow, too. Canada’s Cassie Sharpe dominates women’s freestyle skiing halfpipe for GOLD.