For the win

Still feels a bit surreal today, but there was much hooting and hollering in our house last night during the 28th annual Saskatchewan Book Awards. My debut novel, Small Reckonings, won the Saskatoon Book Award (sponsored by the City of Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Public Library). Mayor Charlie Clark announced the shortlisted authors in the category and then announced the winner – it took a good moment to realize that was my face and book cover up there. Hard to concentrate with my husband and son cheering! I want to thank the finalists in the category: Bill Waiser for In Search of Almighty Voice, Shannon McConnell for The Burden of Gravity (winner of the First Book Award!), Jenn Sharp and Richard Marjan for Flat Out Delicious Your Definitive Guide to Saskatchewan’s Food Artisans, and Leona Theis for If Sylvie Had Nine Lives (winner of the Fiction Award!) I am humbled to be in your presence and congratulations to all the other shortlisted authors and winners. I want to acknowledge my editor/publisher Byrna Barclay of Burton House Books, and my substantive editor Sandra Birdsell. And so many others too many to name. But a huge thank you–in public–to my best editor and best husband Rick for always believing this novel was something to be proud of, even during those times I thought I’d never do it. And to remind any readers out there interested in the book, it is now out in a revised edition. New cover, same story and it’s available directly from me. If you missed the awards show last night, you can see it here. Thank you, Saskatchewan Book Awards and thank you to the judges in the Saskatoon Book Award category; that must have been a tough decision. I’m still thinking Mayor Clark just might have read out the wrong one. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

1 thought on “For the win

  1. Bien sur. Mais oui. But of course. Your book, the story, the novel and its sequel deserve all of this and more. Congratulations my friend.

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