But who’s counting?

-32. With slight breeze the wind chill makes it feel like -40.

We can haggle about the wind chill – is it minus 40 or minus -42? It’s still pretty! If your face doesn’t freeze.


Nice promo

A big thanks to C95 Radio’s morning host Shauna Foster for posting her review of my novel Small Reckonings. Her top pick among some very tough competition! I’m so glad you liked the story and said so. Watch for a revised edition coming soon.

We were so lucky

Our daughter-in-law Julia’s grandmother Ba died on New Year’s Day after contracting COVID-19. She was in her late 80s and so strong, sturdy and positive, we all thought she’d make it. Born in Trinidad, she lived in London. Palmer’s Green, to be exact, where we took the train north in 2016 for a visit. We were in London a few days on the way home from Doha. We had met Ba at Ben and Julia’s wedding in 2013 in Tulum, where she kicked up her heels and outlasted several on the dance floor. On this visit, we were welcomed like long-lost family, and had a wonderful visit with Ba, aunties and some nieces. Jim adored her. Ba called us now and then, and during the most recent chat, she talked about being careful because of the virus. She said she would like to come to Canada, and said how proud she was of Julia and Ben. “We’ll talk again soon, you lovely people!” was the last thing she said to us. We are so lucky to have known such a resilient, optimistic and caring woman, and proud to be included in her family.