Herbie the love bug

I love growing herbs. Mostly by chance, but we end up getting some nice stuff like French tarragon (a perennial), Greek oregano, savory, sage, rosemary (I LOVE rosemary but have only ever semi-successfully overwintered it once). This year we added ginger mint and chocolate mint. Mint tends to misbehave and spread everywhere, so we harvested and then dug it up. Anyone have a good recipe for mint tea? These bunches will hang in the basement to dry. Ed approves.



Life with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

I am thrilled to be part of a new book project that will feature the personal and sometimes very intimate stories of people who have FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), their parents and families. I think I mentioned this in an earlier post, but this book is going to be an eye-opener! I’ve been around disability stuff since about 1982 when I took a communications job with the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living, and not too long after met my future husband Rick, and stepkids Jim, who has Down syndrome, Erin and Benjamin. A bit of a life changer and I’ve always considered that one of the job benefits. But even though I’ve been close to disability issues since then, this new project has been an eye-opener for me. Over the last few months, I’ve spent a week in Calgary collecting stories from people who have FASD, and adoptive/foster/biological parents. I went to Grande Prairie to meet a young woman with FASD who is determined to make a good life for herself and her brother. The old stereotype about someone who has FASD left the barn a long time ago! This past week, I spent several days in Edmonton meeting people who have FASD, and parents who have stepped up to share their experiences. This book will be positive, hopeful and full of authentic stories that will shift the way people think about FASD. My last interview, one of six,  in Edmonton was with a dynamic and courageous woman called Angel who pulled herself out of a chaotic pattern of alcohol and drugs, determined to manage her FASD and make a life for herself. She’s about to embark on a computer course and is one of the most determined and committed people I’ve ever met. And I like her because she thought I am in my early 40s ha ha.  I’m pretty enthused about this project, maybe you can tell. It’s a joint project between the Alberta Association for Community Living and the Alberta FASD Family Advisory Council. Stay tuned!


It’s out!

My copies arrived! Pam Chamberlain’s wonderful book, In the Company of Animals, is out now from Nimbus Publishing. It’s a collection of great stories that remind us how we share our lives with animals, or maybe it’s the other way around? My contribution to this anthology is about the summer Russell Crow came to stay. This would make a great holiday gift for the animal lovers in your family.

photo 3

Rhye this fall

Son Benjamin is on keys for the Rhye tour in October and November. If you find yourself in these towns, catch a show!

10-03 Austin, TX – Paramount Theatre

10-23 Minneapolis, MN – Pantages Theatre

10-24 Milwaukee, WI – Pabst Theater

10-25 Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre

11-06 San Diego, CA – North Park Theatre

11-07 Los Angeles, CA – The Cathedral Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian

11-09 Oakland, CA – Fox Theater

11-21 Chapultepec, Mexico – Lunario del Auditorio Nacional Paseo de la Reforma

11-22 Guadalajara, Mexico – Teatro Estudio Cavaret

Lorna Russell

Just down the street lives a fascinating woman I’m proud to call a friend. She’s a brilliant painter, animal and nature lover and great storyteller. One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon is to walk over to sip a little wine with her. Her backyard is a most peaceful sanctuary and a wonderful spot to sit and watch the birds enjoying themselves at her feeders.

Lorna’s work is part of a group show at The Gallery/art placement. Today is the opening reception. Check out her work; I dare you not to bring a piece home.

IMG_1983 IMG_2026 IMG_2017

The best realtor ever

Brent Herman is a good guy. Along with his wife Connie and partner Carla, Brent throws a ‘family day’ each year to show his appreciation for clients, friends and family. He rents the Broadway Theatre, doles out the popcorn and drinks and we have a party with herds of kids. Today, it was The Lego Movie, perfect for a chilly, grey Saturday morning. What a fun time! And yes, that was Billy Dee Williams as the voice of Lando…and there were even door prizes! We’ve known and worked with Brent for a long time and have referred many people who need a good realtor. This family/community event Brent, Connie and Carla do every year just reminds us why we do that.  If you need a good guy to sell or buy your home: Brent HermanRealty Executives, (306)341-2001, BrentHerman.com

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If ‘cost’ is more than ‘worth’

This is a heart-stopping story by a mom who takes a deeper look at why society still assumes someone like Zariah (see my previous post, You Go, Girl) shouldn’t be allowed to exist. This puts that attitude into a bit of an historical perspective. I learned long ago that people with disabilities were the first Germans used to test out the gas chambers. Some people don’t believe that, as if that atrocity was somehow impossible compared to what followed. Tonight at bedtime, I read another chapter to my son (he loves reading before he goes to sleep) and, as always, I asked him what he wants for breakfast. “Toast and paJAMas,” he laughs yet again at this favourite nighttime joke. What would our lives be like if his had been determined not worth it?


Beautiful day to celebrate

A year ago today, our youngest, Benjamin, married our gorgeous inside and out daughter-in-law Julia in Tulum, Mexico. We’re not together for their first anniversary, but we did go for a hike out at Cranberry Flats to mark the occasion. At 29 C, it was almost as warm as Tulum and it was a beautiful afternoon out in the countryside overlooking the river. Saskatoon is such a wonderful place to live with such accessible nature only 20 minutes out of the city. A place to stretch your legs, fill your lungs and think about what’s good in life.

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