flying the coop

Remember those bald eagles we were watching a few weeks ago? Whitehorse, Yukon. Look what the 3 eggs have turned into! Just wondering when it’s time for eaglets to leave the nest?Image


Celebs at the farmer’s market

Justin Trudeau was working his way through the crowd yesterday at the farmer’s market. Jim and I happened to be in his path – Jim was on a mission to find his Rice Krispie square. Justin, a very tall and quite good looking fellow (who is the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and famously the son of the late and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret, who used to party with the Rolling Stones), is a very charming and personable man. He stopped and chatted with Jim who clearly felt it was his obligation to let Justin have his picture taken with him 🙂 We then went outside in the rain to find Helga, our favourite herb lady to restock our supply of basil (we lost some because of all the rain lately). Jim seemed much more amenable to have his photo taken with her!


Reno Man

I’ve known Bert Poth even longer than my friend Ann. We met in Cudworth (it’s true) a full 35 years ago and he’s just as sweet now as he was then. As the owner of Poth Home Solutions of Martensville, he’s heading up a little reno we’re about to do on our house. Let’s see if we’re all smiling like this in 4 months!


Cowshed pals

Sometimes you just have something wonderfully unexpected show up at your front door. I had a day like that last week. In the middle of a frantic writing stretch, the doorbell rings and there stands my old friend Ann Brierley. We met in 1979 as we were both heading down to the Southern Hemisphere, young things we were, on a Big Adventure. Both IAEA trainees (International Agricultural Exchange Association, based in Denmark) we were embarking on a life in New Zealand. I ended up on a big dairy farm in the Waikato with a farm family I’m still close with today; first she was at the northern tip of the North Island on a dairy farm with 400 cows in the Waikato, but she ended up on a sheep station not too far away. I had hoped for sheep, but I treasure the family I was given. That was, wow, almost 35 years ago. Ann, a teacher, lives in B.C. and now and then pops up. This time she was bringing her mom back to Central Butte for the summer. Ann is one of the best I know; my other good pal Robert Perske has a saying, “Life must love us, for it lets us stumble upon people like you.” That’s the way I feel about Ann E. I haven’t seen her for a few years, but it was like we’d been together yesterday.

No one else was home to record our reunion so we did it ourselves. I’ll bet we could still milk a cow in record time.