Ahead of the curve



And then it wasn’t spring anymore

What a difference a day makes in Saskatchewan. Spring has officially been here for a week and on March 29th, walked around on the university campus, +14 C, wearing only a light jackets. I saw my first gopher (so you know it’s spring), and we even had a popsicle. Got positively hot while we set up patio furniture, washed the railings on the decks, and spread the last bits of snow around the yard so it would melt faster. Ahh, Spring. Then Winter decided it wasn’t done with us yet. A winter storm warning, blizzard conditions, road closures, semi jacknifes on the highway and cars on the ditch, gusting winds up to 100 kms an hour, and just for fun, up to 15 cms of snow. But calm and sunny today – with all that snow just waiting to be shoveled.

The little shop around the corner

I’m happy to say that one of the best bookshops on the planet is carrying the revised edition of my novel. And this nice man is Peter, the boss of Turning the Tide, who just took delivery of several copies. He’d like to sell you one. Or two. For now, Peter is continuing with online and phone orders 306-955-3070 with curbside pickup. Please do a good Turn…ing the Tide, and shop local!

Revised edition is here

Here we go again! After selling out the first two printings of my debut novel Small Reckonings last year, we did a revised edition and it has just arrived. Ready and waiting to be enjoyed by new readers. Same story, beautiful new cover. If anyone wants a copy, email me and we’ll get a copy to you. It will also be available for purchase from Saskatoon’s Turning the Tide bookstore and McNally Robinson, and other booksellers to be announced soon. We offer a book club discount. We look forward to hearing from you!

And Prairies North

I was happy to contribute a piece to this spring’s issue of Prairies North, a magazine I always look forward to receiving. If you’d like to subscribe, go here or call 1-888-861-8311, $26.95 (tax in) for a 1-year (4 issue) subscription. So many interesting places to experience in our province and this magazine is your ticket as you make your ‘must see’ list. And if you can’t go, the magaine is the next best thing! For this issue, I had fun ‘distance meeting’ artist Alison Montgomery to find out what she’s created – and celebrated what others have done – during the pandemic.

HOME time

The Spring issue of Saskatoon HOME is out this week. Have I mentioned I love writing for this magazine? You’ll find some fun distractions in this issue, along with some useful information and fascinating reading about exterior decor, landscaping with boulders for those aspiring mountain climbers in the family, and fanciful and magical yards. Jeff gives us a little history about the aviation-inspired community of McNab Park. Krista takes us on a tour of the jaw-dropping Hospital Home Lottery offering, and meet the adorable Birde the bulldog at home in Nutana. COVID looks like it’s going to be with us for a while longer, so if you’re getting hitched this year, have a look at Julie’s piece on backyard weddings. I know you’ve been holding your breath to find out about the Pantone Colour of the Year choice, so wait no further. And join Maureen in her kitchen to whip up some lighter-than-air angel food cakes. Read your copy online, pick up at any one of several locations, or subscribe to make sure you don’t miss an issue.

One of my favourite pieces lately was a look at what some homeowners have created to entertain themselves and their neighbours during the pandemic. Like Dave Hunchak’s squirrel saloon, the Harders’ hobbit hole and others: