Small Reckonings review

It’s been a little nerve wracking to have worked with my story for so long, holding all my characters close, and then, as my friend Anne Simpson (who graciously blurbed the cover of my book) explains, it suddenly it gets dressed up and goes out into the world where people READ it! But when this review by wonderful writer Shelley Leedahl appeared on the SaskBooks site, I stopped holding my breath for a bit. Check out her impressive resume and you’ll see why I’m a little gobsmacked. Thank you, Shelley.

Shelley Author Photo 2020 colour

Shelley Leedahl



COVID cuts

Rhonda, my hair stylist, should be worried. We’re getting the hang of this. Rick cuts Jim’s, I cut Rick’s, Rick cuts mine (except for the front which I carefully craft myself and only have two big whoops chunks missing this last time). Gramma Doris gave us the garbage bag hack. Jim is the official photographer when his is done.

Round 2!

My first novel, Small Reckonings, came out in late March, released by Burton House Books. It’s mid-May and look what happened! We’re doing the second printing already. Very exciting and I’m so pleased with the reader reviews. The great people at Friesens in Winnipeg are running the second round at their plant right now and we should have it in a week or so. So if I haven’t emailed you yet, I will! To order, contact me directly at, or click on the link to the publisher.

I want to point out that not only did the story win the John V. Hicks Fiction award from the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, my books are also very socially responsible and practice safe physical distancing on the conveyor belt.