Small Reckonings sold out of the first two printings, so we’ve released a revised edition. Same compelling story, a fresh new look, a new publisher. For a copy, contact me: $20 (gst included) plus shipping, depending on your location. A discount is offered to book clubs. Here’s a review from author Shelley Leedahl:

“Characters in this Watrous, SK-based historical novel – set between 1914 and 1936 – are exquisitely and sympathetically drawn, the plot moves, and the portrait of this small town and its multi-ethnic pioneers rings true and clears as windchimes in a prairie breeze… This story “succeeds so well because the writer’s learned the tricky art of literary balance. As skilled as she is at penning descriptive scenes, they never slow the pacing of this taut novel. The book’s structure is nuanced, and seemingly minor details – like a fishhook caught in an eye – have resonance. The characters are people we know…”

Karin’s new award-winning debut novel already in its second printing.


Small Reckonings is a work of historical prairie fiction set in the 1920s and 30s, and recently won the Saskatchewan Writers Guild John V. Hicks Award for Long Fiction. The Hicks jury consisted of Canadian fiction writers Elisabeth de Mariaffi and Rabindranath Maharaj, who said: “Set in depression-era rural Saskatchewan, Small Reckonings is an intricately-told historical drama, yet it also has very modern connotations, broaching our current conversation around trauma, consent, and sexual assault.”

“The Burke family story is about physical and emotional isolation in the 1920s and 1930s when homesteaders scratched out a new existence on the prairie. William, an adventurer from New Zealand, brings his city bride to the freshly broken earth of his farm near Watrous, Saskatchewan. Violet, the child born ‘feebleminded,’ plunges her mother Louise—a woman burdened with a secret—back to a time of guilt and regret. The child draws out goodness and loyalty in her neighbours, Hank and Emily. But tragedy and betrayal upends this family, taking the reader at breakneck speed to forgiveness and the ultimate realization that no one is infallible.”

Order directly from author: $20 plus shipping (depending on your location. GST included) or order from (sold out; contact author for revised edition now available.)

Other works by Karin Melberg Schwier:


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Flourish: People with Disabilities Living Life with Passion

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By opening our eyes, minds and hearts to possibilities, we can support our sons, daughters, friends and neighbours to live interesting, challenging and joyful lives. The people with disabilities in this book and their champions are determined to ‘do’ with their lives, not merely exist. Flourish reveals the thoughts behind making a vibrant and interesting life for our son Jim, and tells of 25 people who have been supported to pursue passions, and encouraged to uncover interests they never realized existed within themselves.

Breaking Bread, Nourishing Connections: People with and without Disabilities Together at Mealtime

By Karin Melberg Schwier & Erin Schwier Stewart

Contact the author to order.

Mealtimes are about much more than the physical act of eating — they’re also about enjoying the company of others, nourishing human connections, and participating in a meaningful social ritual. But sometimes, people with disabilities miss out on these essential aspects of dining. Parents, friends, and human services professionals can change that with this warm and engaging guide to fostering pleasurable, fully inclusive mealtimes for people with disabilities. Developed by family members who consulted with a nutritionist, human services workers, educators, and people with disabilities and their families, this practical handbook helps readers support individuals as they choose what, where, when, and how they eat. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of what dining can mean and will learn how to give people with disabilities the guidance they need to

• make the most of the social opportunities mealtimes provide

• make informed decisions about what foods to eat and communicate their choices

• connect with family, friends and neighbors during mealtime

• prepare meals, with the help of simple, fully illustrated recipes complete with nutritional information (with facts provided by a licensed nutritionist)

With this easy-to-use book, enhanced with evocative poems, personal stories and photographs from individuals and families around the world, readers will enjoy meaningful and inclusive mealtimes with people who have disabilities.


Sexuality: Your Sons and Daughters with Intellectual DisabilitiesItalian Sexuality

Contact the author to order.

Parents have a key role in making sure their child develops healthy sexuality, that sense ofself and confidence that helps make us all well-adjusted and strong individuals. In this touching

and lively book, you’ll learn how to interact with your children — no matter their age or ability — in a way that increases self-esteem, encourages appropriate behavior, empowers them to recognize and respond to abuse, and enables them to develop life long relationships.

*Italian and German translations pictured right


Idea Man

Quebec: Diverse City Press, 1997

Contact the author to order.

Idea Man is a delightful way for young readers to appreciate differences and learn to look beyond the surface in others. This is a book that touches a sensitive subject with a light hand and in an unforgettable way. I won’t forget the Whiffle Niffle Bird and neither will the readers of this charming tale! I will recommend Idea Man to school libraries and parents who want their children to grow in character and integrity.”

— Leslie Walker-Hirsch, creator of Circles

“This is a wonderfully entertaining story for young readers and a delightful reminder of the gifts that each of us brings to relationships. It is a tale that illustrates, with warmth and good humour, the folly of labels that deny us the possibility of seeing what is really there.”

— Miriam Ticoll, Roeher Institute

“After reading this wonderful children’s story, I have an idea that Idea Man is an idea whose time has come. It is a highly enjoyable and meaningful story that every child should read. That goes for adults as well.”

— Lou Shaw, writer/television producer, Quincy, McCloud, Columbo


Couples with Intellectual Disabilities Talk About Living and Loving

Bethesda, Maryland: Woodbine House, 1994.

Contact the author to order.

This book explores a subject that we are still not used to hearing about–people with disabilities and the quality of their intimate relationships. This frank and compellilng book contains interviews with 15 couples who speak candidly about their relationships, revealing their deepest feelings, hopes and desires. Each profile begins with a short biography of the couple, along with their photograph. It is important to note that the interviews are unedited for grammar and style, allowing the reader to get a true sense of individual mannerisms and personality. Parents, service providers, and people in the community have a rare opportunity to hear first-hand from people with intellectual disabilities who have beaten the odds by finding companionship and intimacy. They prove that people with disabilities need interdependent relationships just as much as anyone else. This book provides people with role models, and also gives parents and support providers the courage to let relationships happen.


Keith Edwards Different Day: Different is Just Different!

San Luis Obispo, California: Impact Publishers, 1992

Contact the author to order.

Keith Edward had a feeling that this day would be special. It’s a day filled with new and “different” people; friendly people with developmental or other disabilities. His amazing day helps Keith discover that everyone, including himself, is unique. Contains a discussion guide for parents or teachers to help youngesters develop a positive acceptance of people with differences which includes typical questions and possible answers.

“The uniqueness of individuals is celebrated through black and white line drawings in this helpful story.” — Parent Council, Ltd.

“The new Americans with Disabilities Act has helped open up discussion about disabilities. Honesty is crucial when explaining disabilities to children. Keith Edward’s Different Day helps children learn awareness and acceptance of differences.


Speakeasy: People with Mental Handicaps Talk About Their Lives in Institutions and in the Community

Contact the author to order.

In this unique and compelling collection, people labelled mentally handicapped speak honestly and powerfully about their lives in large institutions and in the community. Through intimate interviews across Canada, the author has captured the dreams, fears, frustrations and humour of people once thought incapable of having ideas, let alone the ability to express them. These are stories of people who were exiled for being different but battled social barriers to establish independence. As their stories unfold, one wonders why communities didn’t think of a better way, and the reader is reminded of individuals who are still struggling.


Hear My Voice: Stories Told by Albertans with Developmental Disabilities Who Were Once Institutionalized

Contact the author to order.

The Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL) had a unique opportunity to capture the oral histories of an aging and vanishing population–people with developmental disabilities who were institutionalized for years and survived to live meaningful lives in the community. These compelling personal histories of triumph over adversity–histories not known or experienced by many Canadians–must not be lost forever. The sharing of these stories not only contributes to social change, but having life stories preserved and respected can be both a healing and renewing experience for people with disabilities themselves.

Hear My Voice: Stories Told by Albertans with Developmental Disabilities Who Were Once Institutionalized (AACL, 2006) may be ordered directly from the AACL, $20 plus shipping. Contact AACL, 11724 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5G 0X5.


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