HOME is out!

The Winter issue of Saskatoon HOME is out now, so be sure to pick up your copy. It’s the one with that house on the cover! Thanks again to Jenny Underhill for letting us feature the Hopkins House in this issue, and for letting us satisfy our long-standing curiosity about what that house on Sask Crescent West is like inside. Who hasn’t wondered? Now you can know. And look, there’s me pretending to live there! Check out a bunch of other good stories, too.


Lovely surprise!

I am so pleased to be the winner of the draw by the Saskatchewan Arts Board. They asked for feedback from those who have enjoyed Board support in the past (I received a grant a few years ago to work on my novel). I thought that was gift enough, but then they drew my name for those providing feedback in the survey! Not only that, I got to reconnect with novelist Joanne Gerber (The Misleading Absence of Light) who was my mentor in a Saskatchewan Writers Guild mentorship in the early 2000s. Rick, Jim and I popped in to the Arts Board offices a couple of days ago to meet up with Joanne, and Michael Jones, CEO. We had a great visit and catch-up … and I was presented with a very pretty gold Apple iPad Air 64gb as my draw prize! Wow, I don’t even have a cell phone so Rick’s got his teaching cut out for him. Thank you very much, Arts Board!

Speechless and absurd

I’m still processing the results of the U.S. election, thinking about writing something just to get it straight. So far, the absurdity of it has escaped my grasp. But then I read this from Andrew Coyne of the National Post. I’m still speechless, but I appreciate Andrew for one of the most articulate pieces I’ve read so far.