Of two minds


Two branches, same tree. Someone has to make a move! We’re enjoying a lovely fall, but there’s always that regret about leaving summer behind pitted against looking forward to autumn and then for all snowy that comes after! Still, 27 degrees today but we often have a hard frost by mid-September. One of these days, the seasons will make up their minds.


No place like HOME magazine

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.30.39 PMThe Fall issue is here! It’s on line right now and on the street in a few days. Another wonderful issue of everything we love about our Saskatoon HOME. Have lost track a bit, but I think this is my 11th cover story, teamed up with fabulous photographer and lovely human being Heather Fritz. Grab your issue now or the paper thing in a few days. You’ll love what you read. It’s an absolute privilege to work for this magazine!

Tis the season

The smoky skies have cleared, we got 2 days of steady rain, so it’s been a busy time in the garden. Green beans are coming on, we’ve harevested basil twice now and made pesto, and we picked 25 kilos of sour cherries.IMG_7526 IMG_7534 IMG_7541 IMG_7554

Anyone have a good sour cherry bbq sauce recipe?

We have our own garden at home, and a community garden plot. We think Jim is going to start hiding the garden tools.