Happy Dad Day

For my 93-year-old Dad, a country drive–for someone who grew up in and climbed the mountains on the Washington west coast–a day with wide open Saskatchewan living skies with no mountains to block the view. A Clarkboro ferry ride, maybe not as grand as the ferries on Puget Sound, but still functional! A visit to Aberdeen, founded by kindred Scots no doubt. Then a Dairy Queen respite on the back deck. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

1 thought on “Happy Dad Day

  1. What a privilege to do what you did, Karin! Not many people are ever able to do this, and to make their parents’ “latest environment” enjoyable.

    Even better if the old “geezers” (I am 78 and not quite in that league) are mentally well and able to enjoy it.

    While living in Arizona (2002-2008), we attended a church in which only one person had been born in that state. All the others had gone there to retire.

    Very few of them had local offspring and grandchildren; it was actually sad to be in a community with everybody 55+. Asocial.


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