HOME is here

Amanda and Rob at Farmhouse Communications are delighted to present the Winter issue of Saskatoon HOME magazine. For this issue, I was happy to spend an afternoon with businessperson and philanthropist Colleen Mah, and an evening with perfumer Palma Cafolla (needless to say, I smell really nice these days.) I also enjoyed talking with ice architect Don Greer; if you’re a Frozen fan (or if you just can’t get those songs out of your head), wait until you see what he’s cooking up for his front yard! Don’t forget to subscribe; HOME is going to subscription distribution so don’t miss out. Here’s what we’ve packed into this issue:
Cover story: a bold and dramatic home on Sask Crescent
 Ice sculpture magic with Don Greer
Farmhouse modern: a couple’s journey to feeling grounded
The history of wartime housing
Authentic perfumer Palma Cafolla (the beautiful Irish Italian artist at work, bottom right–photo Jaclyn Heinrichs)
Q&A with Colleen Mah (that’s me with Colleen, bottom left–photo Lillian Lane)
 Pochero, a classic Filipino dish
Home automation: high tech innovations


Read online or pull up a cozy chair and read the hard copy magazine, available with a subscription for guaranteed delivery to you at home.



Our friends’ son loves to shovel snow. He has Asperger’s and doesn’t always feel comfortable connecting with people. He prefers snow shoveling as a solitary activity, so he has come up with a great solution to the pressure of too much interaction when he’s on the job.