Eye grabber

Our changing Saskatoon skyline.



Anyone have suggestions about getting rid of these ornery little beasties? They’re chewing on my potato plants and I’m worried about my beans. The wrens have been clipping off my beets as they come up.

Farming. It’s always something.


NCA series, know your neighbours

Thanks to the Nutana Community Association for the speaker series this summer. The NCA has collected a variety of speakers on several topics. A few weeks ago, I went to learn all about bats from Kenton Lysak, senior interpreter at the Beaver Creek Conservation Area. We are going to make bat boxes to encourage the little guys to hang around and eat mosquitoes. It was my first time in the Marr Residence, a great place to learn about Saskatoon history. Last week, it was my turn. I did an author reading and talked to a small (but enthusiastic!) group about freelance writing.

Farm fresh

We headed north just past Martensville to the Sunnyside Dairy. It’s a family farm operated by Martha and Bas Froese-Kooijenga (he’s from Holland; Martha grew up here, one of 12 kids on the farm operated by her parents). What a fun visit. We took my parents (they used to have Jerseys and shipped cream in northern Alberta so Mom was excited to meet some of the cows). We had a good visit with Bas until the cows convinced him it was milking time. Martha was cheerful and friendly; we shopped in the little market for baking and perogies. Mom has since declared the perogies and gingersnaps the best she’s ever had! Anyone who wants fresh milk, baking, cheese and other must-haves should visit the website, make a list and head to the farm! And there’s even a Perogyfest in July!