Another step closer to grandkids

Thanks to all at the Prairieland vaccination drive-through yesterday. Funny how this drive is starting to feel like a holiday road trip! Had we gone after lunch, the wait would have only been 15 minutes. Thank you to Rita for the jab and the clear information. We even saw Batman administering shots. My parents are going later this week, and then we just have Jim to round out the pack for second doses. If we can get the border safely opened, look out grandchildren!

Out clubbing

Thank you so much to this Victoria, B.C. book club for inviting me in to talk about my novel Small Reckonings. We had a rousing Zoom meeting the other night and each member offered their impressions. It’s fascinating to hear other people describe the characters and their motivations. Some great head-scratcher questions and some very welcome encouragement to get on with the sequel! Thank you, Patti Marken, for arranging this and thanks for the book orders that came out of it, too!

Bean there

I love this time of year as we peer into the dirt for signs of cracks in the soil and seeds pushing their new faces up into the sunlight. I saw this little guy cheering on his companion in our Darcy Bear Community Garden plot today. I can just hear him yelling, “Come on! Hurry! Snow is coming!”

Round two

Thanks to all the wonderful people at the SHA Prairieland Park drive through vaccination clinic. Over the weekend, we packed a lunch and got Rick loaded up with his second. Thanks to Nurse AJ and the crew. Another step closer to seeing the grandkids! Now to get Mom and Dad their second dose, followed by Jim and me. Can’t wait. On the way home, we passed a group of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. One young woman held up a sign that read, “Until you wake up, we’ll fight for you.” Okay. I’ll be napping over here, not getting polio, diphtheria, hep A, B, tetanus, rubella, measles, whooping cough, mumps, chicken pox….

Have I said this is the best job?

The summer issue of Saskatoon HOME is out and if you don’t subscribe – which I hope you will do – you must pick up a copy of this issue. It’s packed with all sorts of great stuff about Saskatoon, today and yesterday. One of my favourite encounters with decent humanity and its canine companion lately has been with The Lily Man. His faithful sidekick Booster has a face that only, well, only someone with a beating heart could love. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for no lily beetle sightings, and we look forward to a slow drive by – who are we kidding? It will be a Park-and-Gawk when all of Peter’s 50+ lily varieties are blooming at their magnificent best later this summer.

Judges’ comments

I’m honoured and humbled to be in the company of these authors short-listed for the Saskatchewan Book Awards (City of Saskatoon/Saskatoon Public Library Award). Visit the Saskatchewan Book Awards Facebook page to read the judges’ comments on the short-listed nominees in all 14 categories. SBA is posting a new category each week. The winners will be announced June 17th. This is my cohort. I’ve already met Leona’s wonderful Sylvie, and my ‘must read’ list now features the other three:

Little niceties

It doesn’t take much to stoke a much-needed smile these days, and we keep coming across many little examples of caring in our community. All these add up and help us get through difficult times. We’re happy to stumble across small acts of kindness like these, even though this cat is clearly not impressed that his owner is embracing the neighbourhood dog population.

“I’m brave.”

It’s what Jim said as he got his Pfizer shot. And then he told Nurse Stephanie “I’m so proud of you!” Thanks so much to everyone at the Prairieland Park drive through vaccination clinic, and all the other SHA workers who just keep at it. Great work. One step closer to a taste of back to normal.