Come one, come all

Broadway is again, still, the place to be!



HOME is here

The Fall 2018 Saskatoon HOME magazine is here. Meet a pack of local big thinkers who are working on various inventions like Will Topping, pictured below; isn’t every good invention is fueled by Tim Horton’s coffee? Some even end up on Dragons’ Den. These creative souls carry on a great Saskatchewan tradition of innovation. Learn about the iconic Webb Block downtown, and take a look back to the great Household Incinerator Experiment, that ultimately failed. Prep your grocery list for creepy Halloween food your kids will love. Meet Franco, the Italian-born crazy Blue Canuck and take a stroll through his ultimate sports fan cave (apparently his mamma makes the best canolis). ‘Saskatoon’ your home with local creations, and aside from all that, here are a couple of fun facts about issue Fall 2018 HOME issue:

A Home Reborn–Before and After in Buena Vista, page 10

When HOME publisher Amanda said a cute little house in Buena Vista would be featured, I mentioned I once lived in the area. We were coming back from an interview at Crossmount (page 42) so she said, “I’ll show you the house.” Turns out, the charming little house used to be mine! When Rick and I first got together, we lived there until we bought our current home in December 1988. We had our wedding reception there in 1986. We have great memories of summers when our kids were small. The refreshed outside looks exactly the same, but wait until you see the inside! It’s been fun to revisit over 30 years later to see what Arielle has done.


55+ Community–A Fresh Approach to Support Aging Seniors, page 42

A fun day with Amanda and Crossmount co-owner Heike Heimann as we tour this unique community just outside of Saskatoon. We visited vibrant retirees Roger and Dianne who welcomed us into their home. They’re one of the first couples to move into this “aging in place” village. And a visit here can’t go without a visit to the Crossmount Cider Company where we indulged in tasting a flight of the wonderful ciders produced on site. That visit was the same week when I spent an afternoon with Father Demetrius at St. Peter’s Abbey. Find out what the life of a monk is like in the Fall issue of Prairies North. I love my job.


Dipping a toe in Prairies North

My first bit for Prairies North magazine is all about monks. The fall issue is out and I’m proud to be a contributor for the first time! My deepest thanks to the wonderful Father Demetrius Wasylyniuk, the subject of the interview. He’s a fantastic tour guide for me and Amanda Soulodre, Prairies North publisher. I only regret I didn’t get to witness first hand his legendary pruning of the apple orchard with his beloved Stihl chainsaw. Generous with his knowledge, time and good humour, Father Demetrius was the best monk with whom I’ve ever spent an afternoon!  And I got to visit “the dungeon” root cellar, hand-dug in in 1921. Get your copy for A Monk’s Life and so many other great articles and photos in Prairies North. Father and I swapped jams; the jury is out.


Hats off to SOS!

We had an excellent date night and were left breathless after the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan performance of Hamlet. We enjoy a walk from home to the venue on the riverbank, and we love to soak up the ambiance before, during and after. My, my, my, what an end to the season. Skye Brandon was brilliant, the cast exceptional, and we are constantly impressed with the depth and breadth of the SOS performances each year. Thank you, SOS. We are looking forward to next summer already.

Garden buddies

Maple bugs. At first they’re creepy, and then you sort of start seeing them as garden companions. They’re not harmful (as far as I know), not like those nasty lily beetles I got for the first time this year. And now that things are browning off so early, they do add a little cheerful colour. But what do they do all day other than run around and suddenly cluster together to party?

That wonderful time of the year

It seems a little – okay a lot – early this year, but harvest is upon us. It’s only August! We love the bounty from our treasured community garden plot and captured just a little of it in some jars tonight to squirrel away for the winter. The sunflower seeds didn’t make it into the salsa; those are for the birds and surprise sunflowers in the garden next year.