The Movember Men

Our best buddy Jay Wilson stopped in to show off the progress on his Movember moustache. Jay lept into the fray to raise money for research and treatment of prostate cancer, something that got really personal really fast for our family recently.     Check out Jay’s fundraising page here and consider supporting this important research. And get tested! All you men out there over 50, and all the women who care about those 50+ men out there: tell them you want them to do it. Checking your PSA is simple, fast, easy. A little probe, well, wah, do it! Really, it’s important. The sooner the better. Early detection and treatment can literally be the difference between life and death. Your family will thank you. Feeling pretty grateful in this house for all the brilliant people at St. Paul’s, Dr. V. Bathini, Nurse Navigators Karen and Nicole, and for all the family and friends who have been so encouraging. And to Jay for all that extra hair he’s willing to carry around for the month. He needs help!


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