Kindness is as kindness does

I had been at the hospital visiting a sick friend and was halfway home before I noticed the telltale yellow envelope under my windshield wiper. Dang! I hadn’t parked the car more than two hours, had I? Grumbling about a ticket all the way home, I snatched it out from under the blade in the garage. This was yesterday; not even Random Acts of Kindness Day yet (that’s today!) This is what I found:


Way better than a parking ticket! Now I just need to leave it on someone else’s windshield…

2 thoughts on “Kindness is as kindness does

    • I put the same envelope under the windshield wiper of a lovely elderly woman, an artist, who lives 2 blocks from me. Then for fun, I visited with my friend and neighbour Alice Kuipers, enjoyed a cup of tea and a romp with her kids. All in all, a very good afternoon.

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