HOME again

The fall issue of Saskatoon HOME magazine is out and about. It’s starting to appear in subscriber mailboxes and in racks for pickup throughout Saskatoon and area. This is another fun issue with stories about living with urban wildlife (we’ve all seen those moose videos), the phenomenon that is the Little Free Libraries movement, and you can take a peek inside a jaw-dropping custom home at Blackstrap Lake. And if you have always wondered about how the Bessborough Hotel came to be, City Archivist Jeff O’Brien takes us through the grand old castle on the river. There be ghosts, too! If you’re thinking your house or garage looks a little off kilter lately, or cracks are showing up where they shouldn’t be, let contractor Bert Poth explain the ways home builders need to appease Mother Nature. And just in the for those cooler autumn evenings, let Maureen Haddock show you how to bake a delicious, soul-warming phyllo pastry vegetable pie.


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