Real life inspiration

I’m pleased to have worked with Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild publications editor Shirley Fehr on a piece for the summer issue of Freelance magazine. Here’s what Shirley says about what you can find in this issue: “…You’ll read how award-winning writer Karin Melberg Schwier drew inspiration from real life to write Small Reckonings; how four writers in Southwest Saskatchewan came together during a pandemic to share, read and celebrate their love of writing – written by Caitlin McCullam-Arnal; and helpful tips on navigating the world of submitting your short fiction by Helen Power. And, if you’re wondering where all the book reviews have gone, check out the piece by William Robertson. Whether you’re reading Freelance from your deck in the city, your cottage at the lake, or your desk during your lunch break at work, I hope you enjoy the articles and find your own inspiration to share your love of writing.”

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