Back home again in Indiana

Last month, Rick, Jim and I donned masks and made our way back to his birthplace for the 76th Annual Schwier Reunion. Yep, they’ve been getting together for green bean casserole, German potato salad, fried chicken and jello salads for that long! This year, 225 made the trek to Greendale, Indiana, each branch of the original Schwiers decked out in the same family colours we wore to the 50th. We got special mention for being the only foreigners from Canada, but got beat out for the longest-travelled Schwiers to get to the event. The California cousins won that prize. A copy of my novel was raffled off and won by Cousin Linda, who jumped to it when her ticket number was announced by Cousin Becky with the Bullhorn. A fitting prize for the day since my late father-in-law Fred Schwier shared a lot of old farm stories with details that helped colour the setting and characters.


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