One more HOME

You’ll love this issue of Saskatoon HOME magazine. First, it’s the 15th anniversary issue. Congratulations to my great bosses, Amanda and Rob Soulodre, for keeping this wonderful magazine flourishing all these years. It is an honour to work with you. Second, there are some really interesting local bits and pieces for readers this time around including the story behind the wild tulip display at the corner of University Drive and McKinnon. It’s a must-see stop for you this spring. I had fun talking with Larissa and Sarah about their gorgeous 115-year-old character home, and we were happy to discover the house’s true origins. And when I say “we” I mean Jeff O’Brien, the City’s intrepid archivist. There’s a piece by one of my favourite writers, Julie Barnes, about a dark and dramatic home in Greenbryre, and one from my equally favourite writer Jeff about the bygone days when Saskatoon springtime meant mud up the the axles, if not kneecaps. We talk about Saskatoon’s urban forest and planting ideas, and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Maureen Haddock whips up some green dishes in her busy kitchen. Grab your copy of HOME from any of many racks around the city, or better yet, get yourself a very affordable subscription.


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