Putting the pain in pandemic

Get it? French for bread – pain. Rick’s been making loaves in the bread machine (finally using that flour in the pantry). Jim and I have been following our friend Pauline’s recipe for easy bagel knock-offs with lots of coarse salt on top. Turns them into a big pretzel-bagel cross. Then there was that jar of old bran buds, so yesterday we made muffins. We’ve been delivering to my parents. But nothing compares with the sourdough our friends Leon and Darlene just gifted us. This was almost too pretty to eat…but trust me, we did. There must be some psychological study underway about baking during a crisis. Maybe it’s all about the family and friends who give it to one another. That’s comfort food.

1 thought on “Putting the pain in pandemic

  1. There is an expression in French, indicating something that appears “too long, never-ending or tedious” — long comme un jour sans pain — as long as a day without bread. Others have become creative changing the ending to say . . . without wine, without chocolate . . . and so have fun adapting the expression to something you enjoy. This pandemic is becoming “long comme un jour sans pain, vin et chocolat”! Even in, perhaps particularly in pandemic times, we manage at least one of the three in our days.

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