That something extra

Today, March 21st, we are honouring everyone out there with an extra 21st chromosome on Down Syndrome Awareness Day. I came across this short film that was made a while back, and also found this great blogger named Mariah Nichols, a mom who is a deaf career counselor and teacher. She has three kids, including a daughter with Down syndrome. Some viewers loved the film, some hated it and were left with the belief that the young woman with Down syndrome wanted to see herself as ‘normal,’ that she wanted to erase her disability. I’m with Mariah; I didn’t see it that way, either. It is her voice we hear throughout. I think it shows a confident young woman who sees herself as strong, capable, the player of many roles, living a full beautiful life. That’s what she believes. At the end, when she asks the viewer if they are able to see her as anything but her disability, there’s the rub.

A little something to think about.



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