Remembering Glen

Volunteers were out in full force raising money for cystic fibrosis so I stopped to say hi. My old pal Glen Moxon in New Zealand was the first person with CF I ever met. He was eight when lived with the family–that’s him building something in 1980. He had a twin brother Brent, and older sister Paula. I lived with the family on the farm and grew to love these little kids (that’s Glen and Brent a couple of years ago below), and I got over my squeamishness about pounding on Glen’s back every night to loosen the mucuous from his lungs. If I didn’t do it hard enough, he’d encourage me in a tiny little boy voice. “Go ahead, it’s all right! Give it a good go!” Glen lived far beyond his expected lifespan. He married, had two children. He fought CF and died defiantly. So when I stopped at the Shinerama booth, I told them about my friend Glen.


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