Jim and I attended a memorable event on Sunday afternoon. We caught the bus on Broadway with Mayor Charlie, and watched from on high the celebration of Saskatoon’s hometown girl Joni Mitchell. Her childhood friend Sharolyn Dickson spoke on Joni’s behalf (black and pink shirt). I ran into my old business mentor Leslie Bell (striped shirt), who went to school with Joni and another frield, Joan Chapman (scarf). The event was led by former premier Lorne Calvert, one of the leaders in the efforts to offer an appropriate tribute that has seen its share of stumbles over the years. But this time, everyone’s happy, including Ms. Mitchell, who watched the live stream of the celebrations with a gaggle of friends in Los Angeles. She was even honoured with a Saulteaux name, presented by Harry Lafond from the Yellow Quill First Nation. When she renews her driver’s license or passport, she can use Sparkling White Bear Woman. And the occasion was enough for me to go dig out my prized autograph; Joni signed an Air Canada barf bag for me years ago as we decended into “Saskabush.” Her word. Wonder if that will make it into a song?


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