Being human

Yann Martel and Alice Kuipers have a little house on Main Street, within walking distance of ours. When they first moved in, we offered perennials when we were thinning out our garden. My son Jim and I made several back alley trips, wheelbarrow laden with daylilies bobbing from chunks of earth, and stuck them in Yann and Ali’s backyard. Rewarded with cups of tea, we made these trips to the point where Jim thought Ali’s name was Back Ali. As their brood grew, they eventually moved, just down the block from us. If we throw a rock very hard from our back gate, we might just hit Yann’s writing studio. It was with such pleasure we came across this article about what Yann and Ali have done with that cute little barn-shaped house on Main Street. It is lovely that they literally opened their home to a new family, and that it happened on Main Street — something that could happen on so many quinessential Main Streets in this country. A human act, an act of Canadian kindness for another family. Gives you a bit of hope for humanity as we enter an uncertain 2017.

Happy New Year.

ramia_sraa_and_omar_falah_hindawiThe new Main Street family. MCC photo by Leona Lortie. Welcome to the neighbourhood!


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