More gentle Bob

We’ve been collecting our Bob Perske memorabilia today, and reliving lovely memories. We’re happy to have an original Perske cartoon, and we found an envelope that Jim received and put away in his ‘special stuff’ drawer. It gave Jim permission to stand up for himself when people didn’t treat him right; Bob’s small ‘Be Kind’ strategy is one we’ll make sure Jim puts into practice. Bob emailed later and said he was just joking about Rick ever being mean! ha Here’s another letter with a self portrait, and a photo of Bob and Jim doing speech homework at the dining room table.



One thought on “More gentle Bob

  1. Hi Karin,

    Don’t know if you remember us – pat Beeman and George Ducharme. Beautiful tributes to our dear friend Bob. We are planning a Life Celebration Service for him in Darien, CT sometime in October (Oct. 22 or Oct. 29) depending on the accessible venue we can get. Our email address is: – would love to have things for display on that day if you are willing to share some pictures whatever…..Peace and take care, Pat Beeman

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