Dad’s Life

Yesterday, for my Father’s Day post, I was trying to find this photo of my dad taken by a Life magazine photographer in 1948. Mom sent the copy this morning; I remembered the fourth thing my Dad (and Mom) taught me. There’s no shame in being utterly cheap.

Years later in 1980, Timberline Lodge was used as the exterior shots in one of my brother’s and my favourite horror movies, The Shining. Gotta be some connection.


Photo of Dad and his friend Dave up at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon. The print still quite good considering this was taken in 1948.  This photo appeared in Life magazine, February issue of that year.  The Life reporter saw your dad shaving over in the lodge washroom one morning and asked, “Why are you shaving in the washroom?” Then Dad took the reporter outside behind the lodge and showed him their pup tent. Dad told the reporter, “This is where we are spending our nights – it’s all we can afford.” 


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