Bees please!

Come on out to Cabela’s during the NatureCity Festival and learn how to be a responsible urban beekeeper. This event with our buddy Dr. Barry Brown is on Saturday, May 28 at 7 p.m., is one of many during the festival week of May 24-29. Check out the growing list of fascinating, informative and fun events during the week. Check often; more events are being added all the time.

Urban Beekeeping: Establishing and Maintaining a Backyard Hive

This presentation will take a brief look at the honeybee and beekeeping, following the process through a full season of beekeeping. Beekeeping activities that the beekeeper will carry out in spring, summer fall and winter will be explained using pictorial and video examples.

The presentation will: 1) Review learning materials and experiences. 2) Where and how to get your first bees 3) Overview of required equipment and clothing 4) Locating your bee hive 5) Installing your bees in the hive 6) Maintaining your bees and keeping them healthy 7) Bringing in, extracting and packaging your honey 8) Fall feeding and wintering your hive 9) How to deal with pests and disease 10) Hive products, honey, wax, pollen and propolis.

A demonstration hive with live bees and a sample hive will be used. Presentation will be 90 minutes with questions to follow. And prizes!



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