Bon voyage, Yann

Talk about climbing some mountains, Yann Martel managed to get his publisher to get cozy with Saskatoon’s McNally Robinson so us folks out here in the hinterland could see it first. Then they had to quickly remove it from the shelves until the official launch February 6. Yann, who left today for a marathon book tour in Canada and the U.S., wanted to launch at his beloved McNally in front of several hundred of his close friends and family. Partner Alice, who had her own book launch last week, arrived as soon as all four kids were in bed – and managed bartending and cookie duties with Marcy, the wonderful events coordinator with McNally. A great evening. Rick had to stay home to review a thesis, but Jim and I represented the neighbourhood. Yann says the number one question he’s asked, particularly by U.S. journalists, is “Why do you live in Saskatoon?” Have you got an hour?


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