I get too much praise, said no one ever

Years ago, I remember sitting in my stepson’s IPP meeting and wondering who they were talking about. I didn’t recognize Jim in the conversation. Neither did my husband. Jim was there and I don’t think he knew who it was about either. We finally asked, “Maybe we could take a few moments and go around the table and each of us say something good about Jim?” Evidently we were from Mars judging by the looks we got. But they did it, good on ’em. And what was a tense meeting turned out to have some laughter in it.

Today, I came across this story on ABC News by Genevieve Shaw Brown. It’s about a teacher in Florida who gets it. I’m going to write Mr. Chris a letter. You should, too. Check out their Facebook page called Special Books by Special Kids; come on, there’s got to be a publisher who sees the value in this project! I know a publisher; I’m going to write him a letter, too!

Here is Mr. Chris with a few of his proud as punch students, getting lots of practice being good humans.



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