Cookie love

It’s about that time again for Jim to pull on his boots, coat and mitts (big mitts just to make things difficult) and head out into the neighbourhood to deliver cookies.

We’ve lost count of how many years he’s done this annual trudge, sometimes at -30 C, sometimes only -3. It’s a chance for Jim to give a sugar-induced hug to all our neighbours. We also pack them up and head to the post office; you’d think we’d get a bulk discount, but we think it’s worth it to imagine the grins on the faces of family and friends who get their packages of “Momo cookies.”

Rick’s parents, Momo and Bobo (aka Mary and Fred Schwier) led the charge each year with a jaw-dropping sweet assortment of New World and German (Rick’s side) Christmas cookies. It was like getting a big hug from Florida; if you closed your eyes you could see Momo mixing, stirring, adding, fussing, assisted by her long-suffering Elf Bobo. We have inherited the handwritten, butter-stained recipe cards, the 100-year-old carved German springerlie boards and the determination to keep the tradition alive. We’ve added traditional Swedish (Karin’s side), if you count snickerdoodles as Swedish (still haven’t mastered spritz). Karin was about 30 before she came across snicker doodles in a bakery and was hit with the realization that her mother hadn’t invented them.

Christmas cookies are just so darn pretty and festive! And there’s nothing more festive or familial than sending some cookie love to friends and family.




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