Dear Future Mom

My dear friend Lisa Bendall featured this on her 50 Good Deeds blog and it’s worth sharing far and wide. When a woman contacts her Down syndrome support organization to say her unborn child has Down syndrome, that she is scared, and wonders what his life will be like, they didn’t send a brochure about chromosomes. They did this instead. Brilliant. When I worked as the communications coordinator for the Saskatchewan Association for Community LIivng, I remember getting a call from a woman in a similar position. She had just given birth and learned her baby had Down syndrome. I congratulated her, asked what name she’d chosen. I asked about weight, length, oooed and awed. I said the same things as I would about any newborn. She started to cry, and said I was the first person to congratulate her on the birth of her little girl. I wish I had been able to send this video to that mom. I hope they make one for Future Dads, too!

As for our son, here he is volunteering with our local permaculture club, transforming a backyard into an eco-friendly sustainable fruit orchard. I don’t think that would have been in the brochure about chromosomes either.

IMG_4025Jim, the rocker mover.IMG_4166Jim, the cardboard sorter.

The best part of the day? “Lunch.”

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