A perma what?

Last weekend, Rick, Jim and I threw our shoulders – and backs, arms and legs – into a permablitz. Never heard of one? Neither had we. All we know is that with some planning, a bunch of volunteers and good cheer, a big barren backyard can be transformed into a self-sustaining fruit orchard (or whatever you’d like) in only a few hours. And it’s fun!

From Permaculture Saskatchewan’s website:

A Permablitz is an organized gathering of community members with the intention of transforming space (usually an urban backyard) into a productive ecosystem through Permaculture design. The host and permaculture designer will have the design ready and now everyone pitches in to help make this vision a reality. Many hands make light work! Permablitzes are free to attend and organized on a voluntary basis. A little permablitz history:  Dan Palmer and Adam Grub from the Melbourne Permaculture community group created the original permablitz network as a way of encouraging Melbourne to embrace edible landscaping while building community at the same time.

IMG_3938  The beginning…IMG_3064  The plan.IMG_3998  That’s me!


That’s Jim organizing cardboard to put down as a weed barrier mulch. There’s Rick with the first of the fruit trees going in.

IMG_3156 My fellow Saskatoon HOME writer Ashleigh Mattern, who wrote about permaculture in a recent issue (check out the story on page 79), is combing a hands-on workout with another freelance article.


In just a few sweaty hours, it’s a completely different eco-system.

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