Hobbiton revisited

If you saw my post way back in December 2012, you’ll remember we had the best tourist experience ever (oddly, without feeling touristy!) when we spent a day tromping around the Shire near Matamata in New Zealand. IMG_7203 2The Hobbit was still in the making, Lord of the Rings trilogy was wrapping up, and we had to sign sternly-worded official papers promising not to show anyone any photos taken in the Shire. Peter Jackson would be very grumpy, they said. But since the movie is out, so is the secret set. Here are a few we took that day.

Rick, Jim and I about to pay a visit to Bilbo, and various views in the area. How to make Hobbiton look real? Build a set and then let Waikato nature take over. With a little help from yogurt; they smeared that on the fences so it would mould and look like weathered, lichen-covered wood. I hear now that you can go right up to the Hobbit holes and peek inside. Must go back to have another look. For a bird’s eye view, see this piece produced by Devin Super Tramp!

IMG_7103IMG_7223 IMG_7234 IMG_7247 IMG_7956 IMG_7960


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