Being present

I’m the worst (just ask my son-in-law) for wanting to soak up as much as I can with my camera. So it was with no small twinge that agreed to my pal Heather Fritz’s request to tweak her first posting for her Stuff in my Head blog. As a wedding photographer (the best one I know!), she’s had her share of competition with guests for the shots she’s been hired to get. In September, our youngest son Ben was married on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. Ben and Julia’s friend and officiant Andi invited everyone to join her in “the mystical ritual of silencing and turning off cell phones and cameras” so that we could all be with Ben and Julia and this once-in-a-lifetime assembly. After I got over my initial moment of panic to be without a camera, I felt I could take a deep breath and take in the moments with such clarity. As Nate played guitar and Ragan sang a beautiful, original piece of music, some sort of large sea bird circled lazily over the gathering, gliding up and around on thermals while he, too, kept an eye on what was happening before us. Thanks, Heather, for the reminder to be with the people we love, not just their pixels.



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